Gua Sha

I am sure you already have a jade roller in your beauty kit but what about a gua sha tool? The purpose is basically the same : stimulate circulation by massage. Only the experience is a little bit deeper with the latter.

Let’s go back to the roots. Gua sha is a natural ancient Chinese healing technique. Originally gua sha is practiced on all the body by a healer who scrapes the skin with strokes (with the help of the tool) to stimulate microcirculation which increases blood flow. This technique is supposed to address stagnant energy (the “chi”) that may be responsible for inflammation. Read more about it on healthline.

Besides its healing powers gua sha has beauty benefits. The good news is that you can practice gua sha by yourself on your neck and face area. It does smoothe the skin and I find it super relaxing. This technique can bring back vitality to your skin as it helps contouring, lifting and decongesting.


Just like dry brushing there is a certain method to do it. I find this video from a Chinese skincare professional very useful. She explains extremely well the technique and all the steps. In this tutorial she uses a concave jade gua sha tool. I have opted for this shape as well and for rose quartz. Both stones have their own properties and beliefs attached to them. Jade is associated with longevity while rose quartz is the ultimate self-love/self-care stone. Pick up your team!

In this video you learn that taking care of your neck is as important as taking care of your face. Whatever is happening in your face (like tense features), it is also happening in your neck.

3 things to keep in mind while doing gua sha:

  • Always make sure the tool is turned flat when using it on your skin, not on the sharp edges.

  • Use light pressure.

  • Go slowly.

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