Somnifix can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. That sounds like a very big promise but my experience with this mouth tape (basically it's what it is) has been so positive that I dare writing this!

People close to me have heard me sing the praises of Somnifix many times and it is your turn to be showered by my love for this product.

So, what does it do? Somnifix is a little mouth strip that you apply on your mouth before sleeping (can be used for calm breathing too). It helps you breathing ONLY by your nose which is much better for your sleep. There is a little breathing vent which will allow you to breath by your mouth just in case you need it (also helps when someone absolutely wants your verbal answer on what they should buy on Amazon late at night even though you just carefully applied your beloved Somnifix strip).


It is super easy on the skin and even if it doesn't feel 100% natural the first few times you use it, you rapidly forget about it and wake up amazingly rested. At least it is what it does for me. I like to use it when I need a really good night of sleep. I am a little bit addicted to its benefits but I enjoy them even more when it's some sort of self-care treat.

Somnifix clearly explains the benefits of breathing through your nose on their website here. I found this product fantastic and thank you to Christina Rice, my wellness guide, who has convinced me to use Somnifix.