Creative Journaling

Writing is an excellent habit for your overall well-being. It is not surprising that the Wellness World is crazy about journaling since it helps you knowing yourself better, clarifying your intentions and desires. 

Creative journaling is even better because it allows you to create exact the space you need to let your imagination go. From a blank notebook you decide what structure best suits you. Do you need a monthly log, a daily log, and index? What colors and shapes inspire you the most? 


I recently attended a workshop at Paper Source on Creative Journaling. They showed us how useful and easy washi tape is to organize your journal. We were also encouraged to create our own personalized logs in our journals like vacation planning, books to read, gratitude... 

When you do creative journaling nothing is predetermined so you can make it truly yours. Think about what is important for you (for instance I love to know the moon cycles and I put it at the beginning of my monthly log) and what will make you come back to your journal.

With the workshop at Paper Source I really took the time to create and I have to say that after 2 hours of cutting papers, using colorful pens and stamps, drawing and tracing lines I felt very relaxed! 


What I love about journaling is how productivity meets mindfulness. I am very found of writing down my tasks, goals, intentions... With creative journaling you can combine your to-do list, planner, notebook, etc in one single format. 

Journaling can bring a lot of clarity in your life. I feel like once you put a thought on paper it starts to exist on something tangible, and it is the first step to take action.

To help you start your creative journal here is a good source of inspiration : 100 days of bullet journal ideas.