Awareness is one of this thing you often hear about in the wellness world but might not be really sure what it refers to. Being aware sounds like something you would naturally do in your everyday life. When anticipating events or thinking before acting for example. There is a higher degree of awareness, more spiritual and closer to mindfulness. For many of us it requires a little bit of work to get the benefits of this state of mind.

Last Spring on Earth Day I had the chance to attend a mini mediation session with Stephanie Greco, yoga teacher at Yogaworks, Montage and Waldorf Astoria hotels in Beverly Hills. Stephanie was radiating serenity and strength through her practice and that is why I asked her to give me her thoughts on awareness. First she notices that “We don’t often give ourselves the opportunity to step back, slow down and actually process everything.”

And awareness is kind of the art of stopping. It is the ability of being present. By doing this I feel like you can appreciate life to its fullest. One of the best tool to enjoy the moment is your breath. Yoga is a fabulous way to master it. Stephanie explains that “The practice of yoga teaches us skills to become more present in each moment. We focus on the body and the breath. We learn to let the chatter of the mind (and the distractions around us) subside a bit so we can come back to stillness and truth.” Yoga taught me how to connect my body to my mind, it is truly the best feeling and makes me enjoy life even more because I am fully there.

It allows us to step back and eventually engage a change. It is quite the opposite of letting life/others decide for you. Once you get a clear view of what is going on, on any situation, you can have a plan. There are only advantages of cultivating awareness, either you appreciate life even more or you realize what is wrong and start to change it.