Living a healthy life is sometimes a challenge. It means something different for all of us. To me it means finding balance. Balance in my diet is very important, it keeps me away from an "all or nothing" state of mind. I am sharing with you 2 healthy tips that helped me finding balance and I hope it can help you too. 


1. Today is the good day. It does not matter if you indulged yesterday evening, today is the day to start over. It's not because you had too much food that everything is ruined. You had it, you enjoyed it and today is a new day. It's very simple but it can keep you from a vicious circle. You can do whatever you want, every meal is a new meal. In a word, being back on track as soon as you can is the key. I start every morning with a hot lemon water, it is a form of pledge that I'm going to take care of myself and to start off the day on the right foot.

2. The best is the enemy of the good. It can be confusing to read that when you want to be the best version of yourself but what it means is that the search of perfection can be an obstacle for your goals. It's especially true when it comes to being active : it's better to do 15 minutes yoga than nothing at all. Don't stop yourself because you do not have the time for a long fitness session or because you cannot have the healthiest meal. Work with what you have. Being active during 10 minutes will always be better for you than not being active. 

As I mentioned earlier being healthy has different meanings for everybody. After talking to a friend I realized that my 2 advice can apply to many aspects of your life (not only diet). You had a bad grade because you didn't study enough yesterday, break the circle and study today. You wanted to do a full study day at the library but didn't find the time? Do 1 hour instead of nothing. I think that fighting the "all or nothing" spirit can lead you to achieve your goals. It's all about balance.