Yoga 101

If you're a yogi you already know that : yoga is an amazing practice! If not, you may have heard about it, let me convince you for real. 

I am still a beginner, and I had the chance to be introduced to yoga by two fantastic yoga teachers*. Give it a try and don't be discouraged by your first classes. I tried yoga 2 years ago at a LA Fitness location, and I hated it. It was too hard and at the same time too slow. At this time I didn't understand what yoga was. 

Yoga is a beautiful combination of body and mental work. The postures make you strong and balanced physically and mentally. You also learn how to breathe correctly in coordination with your movements. At the end of every class I attend I feel so energized. I am never tired and I leave with a positive mind. 

This practice is perfect for someone with a busy schedule, it has the power to be a workout and a quiet moment for yourself. You can do it wherever you want. 

*Stéphanie Crochet and Kiyomi Takahashi.