CorePower Yoga

I have spent one amazing FREE week of yoga at CorePower Yoga. They are located in 19 states (130 studios) and you need to try!

They have been very welcoming and they were happy that I was willing to try their classes for free. The first day I simply had to fill in a form and no banking informations were asked. 

The studios were great with a large mirror. I had 3 incredible instructors who were always taking care of our good positioning (they all asked at the beginning of the class if you're ok to be touched, and they asked when you're in child pose so nobody can see your answer). 

They have many different classes and the levels are accurate. You need to know that there's no air conditioning and most of the classes are heated. Level 1 classes are not heated but it still get pretty hot when exercising (up to 85 degrees). It's something that I discovered and loved. And teachers always add a little bit of exercises targeting core. 

A new CorePower Yoga studio is opening in my neighborhood soon and I can't wait to start classes there. Namaste!