Bio Beauté by Nuxe

Among the things that I adore in France there is the “pharmacie”. Also known as the “parapharmacie” it is a sort of paradise for the beauty junkie. Besides medication (which is the pharmacie primary function!) you can find amazing beauty products. One of them is Bio Beauté by Nuxe. You certainly already know the famous oil from Nuxe. Bio Beauté is the organic branch of Nuxe. And the products are an absolute delight.

The textures and scents are exceptional. They use highly concentrated vegetal oils and organic fruit extracts. The brand has a great assortment and it is a pleasure to use any of their products. It is actually a moment you are looking forward to. The orange water fluid, the apricot lip balm, the Corsican lemon oil, the silky peach cream… they are all fantastic. As I said the textures are as good as the perfumes, very light, super hydrating. You truly get a glow and feel like you just got all the benefits from the fruits that were used.


The only cloud in the horizon? Bio Beauté by Nuxe products are sort of a delicacy in the US! But I have you covered with French Pharmacy where you will find some of these products. And one more good news : use promo code FRENCHLALA at checkout for 10% off.